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Poor Audio Quality - Polycom CX3000

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Poor Audio Quality - Polycom CX3000

Hi Guys,


We are having a bit of a hard time with our CX3000 Conference Device.

When we make a conference call, the caller on the other end cannot hear us well over the amount of background noise.
If anything it seems that the CX3000 is too sensitive.


My question is, is there any particular setup required for the CX3000 other than the setup wizard when you sign in?

I have updated the device to the latest firmware 4.0.7577.4397 but the issue still remains.


If anyone has any hints and tips for me that would be much appreciated.


Thank you!


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Re: Poor Audio Quality - Polycom CX3000

I am having the same issue, the video looks very good but the sound is like a Witness Protection Program sound effects. Any ideas?

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