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Problem with SoundPoint Digit Map matching patterns that aren't configured

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Problem with SoundPoint Digit Map matching patterns that aren't configured



I've come across a problem with our SoundPoint IP phones, running firmware


Firstly, we are in Australia.


Customer reported an issue dialling internationally to Chinese numbers, which would start with 0011 86 (that is, international gateway + country code).  The phone would collect and send digits after 001186 everytime.  The digit map I had for international numbers is 0011.T with a timeout of 8 seconds.


I can't see anything else in my digit map which would match on 001186, but here it is so we can all see it;



Well, it was the phone matching it - so I assumed immediately that I was matching somewhere else.  On a test phone (IP450, same firmware) I completely removed everything bar the "0011.T" with 8 second time out.  That then started matching 00118.


Increased the timeout to 30 - still matched 00118 immediately.


Removed the digit map completely.  Now it's just blank - no digits and no timeouts.;


Now it matches things like 00, 01 and 911.  Weird - makes me think there is some default NANP digit map in there, even though the configuration specifies nothing for the digit map.


I also wonder about the command syntax I'm using.  I notice it's "dialplan.X.digitmap" which I didn't think was correct - but my other patterns are matching and working and always have been.  Is it something with the dot character maybe?  From my understanding of doco this is a wildcard character - so, should be able to dial 00111234 or 001198765432 and the digits only send when the timout occurs?


Scratching my head here as to why the phone matches ANYTHING when there is NOTHING in the configured digit map.  And, why it's matching 001186 when the pattern is 0011.T ...


Thanks in advance,

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Re: Problem with SoundPoint Digit Map matching patterns that aren't configured

Hello zirophyz,

welcome back to the Polycom Community.

The community's VoIP FAQ contains this post here:

Oct 7, 2011 Question: Phone unable to Dial a number when Off Hook or on 2nd Call in a Conference or Digitmap issues

Resolution: Please check => here <=


The above FAQ has a troubleshooting section. Please utilize this.

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Re: Problem with SoundPoint Digit Map matching patterns that aren't configured

Hi Steffan,


Thanks for the link, the troubleshooting part helped where I could see the matches in a log file.


So, to avoid me doing something wrong in a config file, I factory reset a handset and via the GUI did all the setup.


My dial plan is "*xx|0011.T|1xx" with timout values "3|8|3".


When I dial a feature code (*60) it matches fine.  When I attempt to dial an international number (0011 86 blah) I can only get as far as 00118.  Here's the relevant part of the logs;


1124020420|so   |1|03|[SoDigitMapElementC]: Checking 0 (1) against *xx (3)
1124020420|so   |2|03|[SoDigitMapC]: Disabling *xx (3) - No match possible (0)
1124020420|so   |1|03|[SoDigitMapElementC]: Checking 0 (1) against 0011.T (3)
1124020420|so   |1|03|[SoDigitMapElementC]: Checking 0 (1) against 1XX (1)
1124020420|so   |2|03|[SoDigitMapC]: Disabling 1XX (1) - No match possible (0)
1124020420|so   |1|03|[SoDigitMapElementC]: Checking 00 (2) against 0011.T (3)
1124020421|so   |1|03|[SoDigitMapElementC]: Checking 001 (3) against 0011.T (3)
1124020421|so   |1|03|[SoDigitMapElementC]: Checking 0011 (4) against 0011.T (3)
1124020421|so   |1|03|[SoDigitMapC]: 0011.T (3) (0011) - Delay match until time-out
1124020421|so   |3|03|[SoDigitMapC]: Map Element 1 (0x955df130 - 0011.T - 3) declared timeout match (8)
1124020421|so   |1|03|[SoDigitMapElementC]: Checking 00118 (5) against 0011.T (3)
1124020421|so   |2|03|[SoDigitMapC]: Disabling 0011.T (3) - No match possible (0)

My understanding is that it's matching against 0011.T - and should be waiting for the timeout.  However, as it collects the next digit after 0011 it gets no match?


I've read the FAQ and Admin Guide over and over and I can't understand what I am doing wrong with this pattern, and why it isn't working as I'm trying to intent it to.  The . character, this is meant to be like a wildcard, right (where, it will collect any amount of digits until the timeout is reached)?


Thanks in advance,



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Re: Problem with SoundPoint Digit Map matching patterns that aren't configured

I had the syntax wrong for that particular pattern.  Needed to be "0011xx.T" and that works perfectly.

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