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Problem with Soundstation IP 6000 - Error: file does not contain a compatible image

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Problem with Soundstation IP 6000 - Error: file does not contain a compatible image



I have problems to upgrade the soundstation to Version 4.0.4 with bootrom 4.3.1. I tried to downgrade and upgrade and use different bootroms. But the bootlog shows me the error


0717100904|copy |3|00|'tftp://x.x.x.x./poly_app/3111-15600-001.sip.ld' from x.x.x.x
0717100904|cfg  |3|00|New load header information:
0717100904|cfg  |3|00|Code length:         0x0097A585
0717100904|cfg  |3|00|Header check Sum:    0x80B7A7B9
0717100904|cfg  |3|00|Code check Sum:      0x4B86ABFB
0717100904|cfg  |3|00|Options:             0x00000102
0717100904|cfg  |5|00|Error: file does not contain a compatible image
0717100904|cfg  |5|00|  Compatibility for image 0 is 0x400000
0717100904|copy |3|00|buffered_write: transfer terminated
0717100904|copy |3|00|Download of 'poly_app/3111-15600-001.sip.ld' succeeded on attempt 1 (addr 1 of 1)
0717100904|cfg  |3|00|Downloaded application image is incompatible

0717100904|app1 |4|00|Application poly_app/3111-15600-001.sip.ld is not compatible with the phone.
0717100907|cfg  |3|00|Application image not found in file system
0717100909|app1 |6|00|Error application is not present.


Now i have no more ideas anymore.

I read about the problems with bootrom 4.3.0 and tftp. Therefore i take version 4.3.1.

Thanks for your help


 Here some aditional information


000002.761|wdog |*|00|Initial log entry. Current logging level 4
000002.761|lldp |*|00|Initial log entry. Current logging level 3
000002.761|lldp |3|00|LLDP is DISABLED.
000002.761|cdp  |*|00|Initial log entry. Current logging level 3
000002.761|cdp  |3|00|CDP is DISABLED.
000002.761|key  |*|00|Initial log entry. Current logging level 4
000002.764|so   |3|00|Platform: Model=SoundStation IP 6000, Assembly=3111-15600-001 Rev=N Region=
000002.764|so   |3|00|Platform: Board=3111-15600-001 B 0
000002.764|so   |3|00|Platform: MAC=0004f2ecd545, IP=Resolving, Subnet Mask=Resolving
000002.766|so   |3|00|Platform: BootBlock=2.8.0_15600-001.0016 11-Mar-08 15:29
000002.766|so   |3|00|Platform: BootL0=Standalone.0008 26-Feb-08 14:11:56
000002.766|so   |3|00|Application, main: Label=BOOT, Version=Muscovite 30-Jun-11 12:04
000002.766|so   |3|00|Application, main: P/N=3150-11069-431

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Re: Problem with Soundstation IP 6000 - Error: file does not contain a compatible image

Hello J_Hirth,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

The community's VoIP FAQ contains this post here:


Oct 7, 2011 Question: How can I setup my Phone / Provisioning / Download / Upgrade / Update / Downgrade Software?
Resolution: Please check => here <=


Above explains that you need the upgrader / updater files in addition.

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Re: Problem with Soundstation IP 6000 - Error: file does not contain a compatible image

The Link has helped.

With the SoundPoint_IP_BootROM_4_4_0B_Upgrader_release_sig and the UC_Software_4_0_1_release_sig_split i could upgrade.


Thank you.

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