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Query IP SoundPoint Model via Command-Line?

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Query IP SoundPoint Model via Command-Line?

I am looking for a way to send a message to a SoundPoint phone which is not yet registered with any kind of server and receive back a message which contains the model number of the phone.


I am using PowerShell to automate the configuration of phones in my IP-PBX, which limits the firmware load it will send to a phone based upon the model. Right now I am dumbing everything down to the least-common-denominator phone in my training environment, which is the IP 330s, but that limits the firmware way below what can be used by my IP 335s and other phones.


Any ideas out there?



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Re: Query IP SoundPoint Model via Command-Line?

Hi gganahi


I would suggest looking at LLDP personally as this L2 protocol allows a network device to advertise its id on the LAN.  One would assume that all you would need is a span on the voice vlan running LLDP, then just a filter (possible filter script) to sort the id's into groups which would help determine the number of a specific device.  The script/filter would also have to include ip address filtering I would guess as well as to not show duplicate phones advertising theirselves.


All this would obviously depend on your network equipment and the capabilities that has and also DHCP/Firewall rules etc etc.


Just a thought I had of how to do - it may not even work but thought I would suggest it....


I hpe this helps a bit and please post if you manage to get anything in place..






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