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RESET of config or default seting file for my IP 7000?

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RESET of config or default seting file for my IP 7000?




After getteing a URL to a to a setup server. I entered the Server Adress.

And let the IP 7000 get the config files:

This was shown in the screen:

«Downloading new applicaton»

«Saving new application»

«Checking new application»

“Loading application”

Then it rebooted.

«Welcome… Processing configuration, this may take a few seconds… Med «Config error Error is 0x4020»


The prcess have taken about 11 minutes til this point.

After this is continues to reboot.
I get no main menu, and the web interface does respond.

In in first boot seconds I can go into "setup",  where I have the network options and where i can access the server menu, to add a Server Adress.


But there are no config reset options.

I have reset the device with the key combination of 1,3,5,7.

That only semed to reset the main settings in the setup menu. (Meaning network and server adress).

After reconfigureing network, (leaving server adress blank) it just continues in the same "boot loop".

I did only test one of our IP 7000 with our ISP provieder config.
I set the others up from the WEB GUI. As I intend to do with the one I am having issues with, if i only could reset it.

Currently i just shows the 0x4020 and reboots :(



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Re: RESET of config or default seting file for my IP 7000?

Hello edy,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

The community's VoIP FAQ contains this post here:

Mar 07, 2013 Question: What does the message "Config file error. Error is <Hex #>"  / 0x4020 mean?

Resolution: Please check => here <=


I would suggest you setup a local provisioning server and upgrade the SSIP7000 to the latest supported UC Software 4.0.8


Oct 7, 2011 Question: How can I setup my Phone / Provisioning / Download / Upgrade / Update / Downgrade Software?
Resolution: Please check => here <=


The above can also be utilized to troubleshoot the phone via looking at the logs.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

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Re: RESET of config or default seting file for my IP 7000?

Thank you for your quick answer.


I find it hard to find the right downloads to pick.


However i set up a FTP and put the files  from this zip:

in a the root of the user's folder


The IP 7000 dowloaded the files from the FTP and "worked" with them for a while,

Then rebooted and showed "applicati​on not present" then reboots.


The above article suggests that I should just put the configuration on the FPT.



Later i found this article

SoundStation IP7000 < 4.0.x  

This does mean that 4_4_0_B upgrader is not supported?


However, now the problem is that the IP 7000 no longer even checks the FTP.

I also noticed that the setup menu during boot have changed slightly.

there are now a subemenu called "Provisioning server" at the top (it was called Server menu before, and was located lower on the screen).

Under the Provisioning server there are a setting called "ServerAddress" but there are also a new setting called "Upgrade server".

I have tried with my FTP on

-  both "ServerAddress" and "Upgrade server".

- Just "ServerAddress"

- Just "Upgrade server".


The FTP log show no atempt to contact it.


There are also another new option called "Reset to defaults" that was not availbale in the menu before the upgrade.

USing that only seems to thes amea s the key combo 1,3,5,7 did on the previous version. (Resets alle settingsin the  "setup menu").


Is the IP 7000 now bricked?


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Re: RESET of config or default seting file for my IP 7000?

Thanx Steffen.


All good now :)

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