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REST API documentation and formatting

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REST API documentation and formatting

Just a helpful FYI for those of you trying to work with the REST APIs on VVX devices. The PDF documentation provided by Poly on the REST API is not formatted so that it can be cut and pasted into workable code. Often, the PDF document has translated double quotes ("), as well as inserted additional spaces, so that you will get invalidly formatted JSON.

My recommendation is to cut and paste into a environment that is validating the JSON format.

For the folks at Polycom, I would recommend that API documentation be done online, and not in a PDF document. PDF documents, unless very well constructed, are not ideal for code. If you're interested, here's a good example of someone who does API documentation well. . .

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Re: REST API documentation and formatting

Thanks for the feedback jeff@bluip  - I've raised this one for our doc team as well

Leonardo Mezzanotti
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