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Retrieve phone details by MAC address, network inventory, survey

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Retrieve phone details by MAC address, network inventory, survey

I have inherited administrative responsibility for a collection of SoundPoint IP330, SoundPoint IP6XX, SoundStation IP4000 and SoundStation IP6000 phones. Each of the phones is connected to the network and I am able to retrieve their current IP address and MAC address.

I am looking for a way to retrieve the model of each phone, the current boot ROM version and the current SIP version, without having to actually physically visit each phone. Is there a table which maps a range of MAC addresses to model number? Is there a way to query the phone, via the network, to retrieve its details?

Bill Mania
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Re: Retrieve phone details by MAC address, network inventory, survey

Hello Bill Mania,


welcome to the Polycom Community.


The Phones you listed in your post are not all fully compatible with the latest SIP/UCS Software Revision so therefore the possibility are limited on the older Phones.


The SSIP4000 will only run SIP 3.1.7

The SPIP330, SPIP6XX and the SSIP6000 will be able to run UCS 3.3.0 or later


I would advise you familiarize yourself with the matching Admin Guides that can be found for the separate Phones => here <=  


Since UCS 3.3.0 the Webinterface of the Phones shows the Software Version and the Phone Model


Older Phones could utilize the App State Polling explained => here <=


Your SIP Server may in addition show you the User Agent or a Wireshark Trace could be used on a per IP Address Filter to gain this Information.


Rebooting the Phone and checking the Provisioning Server logs for the xxx-xxxxx-xxx.sip.ld download attempts per IP Address also show the Type of Phone.


The Admin Guides for SIP 3.1 and UCS 3.3.0 hold Information how to enable this functionality and for further support please work with your Polycom Reseller and/or Polycom Support.


Best Regards


Steffen Baier


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