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SCA and LineSeize behaviour

SCA and LineSeize behaviour

I'm wondering if there is a solution to ALWAYS place calls from the first line when SCA is configured.

By default phone would place a call from the last used line, if call.stickyAutoLineSeize is enabled, call would be initiated on the same SIP line that is currently in focus (so if SCA person is on a call, 2nd call would go from that line, not the primary line).


There has been multiple topics in the past but I can't figure out if there's a way to always force calls from the primary line, no matter what or who is/was caling recently.


It might be a feature request (unless it's already in the works) as this sounds like a bug for everyone with multiple lines on a phone.



Let's say we are trying it on VVX 401/601 phone runnig 5.8.2 ( we could try 5.9.1 but I don't see any related featurs in the release notes).


Thank you!

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Re: SCA and LineSeize behaviour

Just wondering if there any viable solution to this, or it's a feature request that needs to go via appropriate channels?


Thank you!

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