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SIP source port

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SIP source port

Is there a way from the webgui to force the SIP source port to be different than the registration port?


For example, I am using a SoundPoint IP 450, Current software version :



I have two lines on this phone registered, each with a different extension. If possible I would like "line one" to use 5060 as it's registartion port, and 5060 as it's SIP source port.


On "line two", I would need it top register from port 5060, but would like the SIP source to be 5070.



Thank you, please let me know if I can provide further information. 

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Re: SIP source port


Hello AlphaLima,


I am not aware of a way to do this within the web gui, nor on a per line/registraton basis.


Via provisioning you can change the port for the whole phone, with the following settings in your config file:




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