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SLA/BLA - Explanation of dialog ID

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SLA/BLA - Explanation of dialog ID

I'm implementing the following draft:

There is a section ( which discusses how the state-agent needs to change the dialog id of the payload before forwarding the message on to other group members:

State Agent notifies Alice of the same event by forwarding the NOTIFY payload provided by Bob 
after appropriately changing the dialog id field in the XML payload to a unique value towards
each of the entities it is forwarding to (Alice in this example).

Can anyone shed some light on how the value of this ID is chosen, and does it need to be consistent across future NOTIFY's to the same members (e.g. member A gets the same dialog id per line-id) within their respective SIP dialogs?

I'm seeing some behavior where the recipient's polycom is lighting additional line indicators (e.g. line-id 2 lights up when sending notify for line-id 1) and I'm wondering if it's somehow related to how I'm choosing the dialog id since this is the only part of the payload that changes before forwarding to other members.


Using UC Software 5.5.1

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