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SLA and asterisk and VVX 500

SLA and asterisk and VVX 500

I have some VVX 500 phones at my house. I have an asterisk server with the latest version with FreePBX UI. I know very little about Linux so some good help is necessary. I would like to be able to have an active call and put that call on hold and then go to another phone and pick the call up at that location. I have heard this is possible but I cannot find any detailed newbie notes on how to make this work. If I need to modify config files from a root CLI that is fine. I just need to know what to modify and where those files are located. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My wife would appreciate it too. I moved from POTS phones to VoIP phones. The old solution had the usual Hold capability but I have lost that with VoIP phones.



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Re: SLA and asterisk and VVX 500

You are talking about call parking.


This is implemented by enabling parking in FreePBX, and then to use it, you transfer a call to *70, instead of putting it on hold.


It will announce to you the parking space it's in ie "seven one".


You'll then go to another phone (or the same phone), and dial "71", to connect to that call.


It may be possible to use the line keys on a Polycom to monitor the parking locations. I've done this with Yealink phones.

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Re: SLA and asterisk and VVX 500

I am aware of call parking which works great for an office environment. But for a home that's not so good. I bought the VVX 500 phones because it spoke of Shared Line or Bridged Line appearances. I would like to get that working. How do I do such with Asterisk?

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Re: SLA and asterisk and VVX 500

Ok. I tried call parking and it seems to work fine. Hold and pickup on another line is better though. However, on the VVX 500 units I do not see "lines" on the display. How would I assign the *270 to a line?

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