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Setting up soundstation ip5000 to work with Allworks

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Setting up soundstation ip5000 to work with Allworks

I just purchased the ip 5000 and ran it through its basic setup. I found a post online to set it up to work with Allworks but have had no success, is there any detailed instructions to make this work?


These are the directions I found:


Setup Generic SIP Handset for the IP 5000.
Access the IP 5000 webpage (default admin password is 456)
Under Simple Setup:
- SIP Server Address: IP or domain name of your server; Port: 5060
- SIP Outbound Proxy: same as above
- SIP Line Identification:
    - Display Name: Boardroom, etc. (Friendly name - caller ID)
    - Address: The Binding listed from the Handset settings on Allworx Server (*51##@
    - Authentication User ID: Login ID from the Handset settings
    - Password: Password from the Handset settings
    - Label: Text that shows up on Display of IP 5000.  I have put in "x#### - Boardroom"

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