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Slow network behind VVX500

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Slow network behind VVX500

Why have a customer who is getting very slow network connection on their 100fd computers when they are behind our VVX500 phones. There are only about six 100fd computers on the network. The rest are 1000fd and they all work just fine. The slowness occurs weather the phone is set to auto or 100fd. All the phones connect at 1000fd back to the Gig switch. This is only affects their local traffic to their server(which is at 1000fd). The internet works just fine. What settings on the phone would cause this? Example of slowness is when they try to pull up a customer record through their data base based client connected directly to the switch, it only takes about 30 seconds. When they are behind the phone, it takes up to 9 minutes. Thanks.

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Re: Slow network behind VVX500

See this reply, it should be fixed with firmware 5.4.5 and higher.

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