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Softkey - Blind Transfer


Softkey - Blind Transfer


I have created an EFK so I can use it as a soft key to do a blind transfer based on previous post on this forum. Now i got it working but i would like to take it out the 1 second pause or if someone can tell me a different way of being able to do a blind transfer without using to many keys Basicsally as a soft phone


efk.efklist.3.action.string="$FTransfer$$Cpause1$$FSoftKey3$" efk.efklist.3.label="BlindTransfer" efk.efklist.3.mname="blndxfer1" efk.efklist.3.status="1" efk.efklist.3.type="invite"


softkey.4.action="!blndxfer1" softkey.4.enable="1" softkey.4.insert="1" softkey.4.label="BlindXfer" softkey.4.precede="1""1" softkey.4.use.alerting="0" softkey.4.use.dialtone="0" softkey.4.use.hold="1" softkey.4.use.idle="0" softkey.4.use.proceeding="0" softkey.4.use.setup="0"


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Polycom Employee & Community Manager

Re: Softkey - Blind Transfer

Hello surgemorales,


is this related to your other post => here <= ?


If you simply want to remove the 1 second pause you should attempt to just leave out the:



 I am not sure if this is what you are after so please be a bit more specific.


Best Regards


Steffen Baier

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