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[Software] VVX UC Software RTS80 has been posted

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[Software] VVX UC Software RTS80 has been posted

Hello all,


we just posted the latest VVX UC Software rts80 >here<




Future Feature Releases For VVX Business Media Phones

With the end of the sale of some models of VVX business media phones, the following phone models will no longer receive new features:

  • VVX 300/310
  • VVX 400/410
  • VVX 500
  • VVX 600
  • VVX 1500

As a result, UC Software 5.9.x was the last release to contain significant feature development for these models. UC Software 6.0.0 or later will not include images to support these models. 


What's new?


  • Support for Microsoft Skype for Business 2019 application.
  • Support for the following hybrid (split-domain) topologies in your Microsoft
    ● Active Directory on-premises
    ● Skype for Business Online
    ● Exchange on-premises
  • BToE 4.3.0 compatibility to incorporate improvements that ensure VVX phones authenticate
    the BToE application.
  • Configuration file enhancements
  • Security updates


Add Traceroute Data to QoE Reporting

You can include traceroute information in the quality of experience (QoE) data for metrics reporting that Poly phones using Skype for Business send at the end of a call.

Configuration File Enhancements

The following list provides configuration file enhancements that include new or changed parameters for the Poly UC Software 6.2.0 release. For more information on using configuration parameters to enable or disable features, see the latest Polycom UC Software Administrator Guide for your release, available at Latest Polycom UC Software Release.



  • (default value) – Disable
  • (Enable) - The phone sends the BYE on SIPFrag 100 Trying NOTIFY .



  • (default value) – Disable
  • (Enable) – The device sends a read notification for voicemail after playing to mark that the voicemail has been read on the server.


DUT sends DL group uris instead of sending expanded members in the E911 call.


  • (Disable) (default value) – Expansion of distribution list received as part of notification uri is not supported.
  • (Enable) – Enables expansion of distribution list received as part of notification uri


Sets the limit for the number of urls expanded for Distribution Lists received as part of notification Uri when paramter lync.E911.notificationUri.expansion.enabled is enabled.


30 (default value)  




1 (default) – Enables the settings when the device is switched to guest mode. 

0 – Disables the settings when device switched to guest mode.



Sets the Acoustic Fence noise suppression threshold for headsets. A lower value allows more background sound to enter, and a higher value suppresses background noise. High values can suppress the speaker's voice and impact far-end audio quality.


1 to 10 8 (default)


When you enable this option, the phone first writes log files directly into its flash memory. The contents of the flash memory upload to a provisioning server after a predetermined period of time or when the flash memory becomes full. Poly recommends not changing this parameter.



1 (default) – Disabled

0 – The phone is prevented from uploading its contents from memory to the server. Disabling the ability to upload log files is recommended only when necessary to reduce data traffic when the phone starts or reboots.



1 (default) – Low power alert for rear USB port shows when phone is connected to Class-0 PoE. 0 – Low power alert for rear USB port is not shown when phone is connected to Class-0 PoE.

Change causes system to restart or reboot.



  • (default) – Disabled
  • (Enable) – VVX phone sends the BYE on SIPFrag 100 Trying NOTIFY device.pollInterval

Set the time interval for the phone to send STUN binding request to the STUN server to detect whether NAT device is rebooted.


60 seconds (default) - The phone sends the STUN binding requests to the STUN server for every 60 seconds. If NAT IP address or the port details in the STUN binding response don’t match with the previous binding response, the phone automatically restarts.

  • - The phone doesn’t check whether NAT device is rebooted. If NAT device is rebooted and the

NAT IP address or the port is changed, the phone doesn’t receive any incoming messages as the IP address and port details published in SIP register message don’t match. You need to restart the phone manually to make the changes effective. Poly recommends not to set the value as 0 second.

0-900 seconds



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  • Older UC Software RTS111 >here<
  • Older UC Software RTS93 >here<

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