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SoundPoint 650 Rebooting on Incoming Call

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SoundPoint 650 Rebooting on Incoming Call

Here's the deal.   The person who built our VOIP system using PBX in a Flash isn't available and I have a problem to solve.


We have 6 Polycom 650 sets, one with the side unit,  and a couple 550's.  We also have a Panasonic KX-TPA50.  What is happening is usually at least twice a day most all the phones will reboot when a call comes in. 


When this happens we scramble from phone to phone trying to find one that isn't rebooting, and usually we can find one, usually a SoundPoint 650 model that we can answer while the other's reboot.  The Panasonic can always be answered.


This just happened as I was typing this.  A call came in and 4 of the 6 650's displayed "Reboot Initiated".  The call was answered at the reception phone  and transferred to another 650 that did not reboot.  I am told earlier today the reception phone also rebooted - so no consistency on which phones reboot except that I got to looking at the Network Statistics menu on the phones and I see not only that 4 of the 6 650's rebooted, but that of the two that didn't reboot one had been up for an hour and a half and the other for about seven hours.  


When I looked at the network status on the 550's I saw that they have been up for 34days, so it seems the 550's and the Panasonic are not having the problem - just the 650's.


All the phones, save the Panasonic, are POE and someone suggested that there may be a problem with power to the phones, so I put the AC power supply on one of the phones a couple months back  to test that out, but I've seen no difference on that phone - it still reboots with the others.


Don't know what other info to provide except the BootROM is  Bootblock: 2.7.0 
(12600_001) and under Components:  Version






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Re: SoundPoint 650 Rebooting on Incoming Call

Hello Lightpress,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

This sounds like an issue that should easily be solved.


First, you have not posted your SIP / UCS Version. How to find this is documented in the FAQ. This would ensure that you or others could cross check this against a later software release notes in order to see if this is a known bug.


To troubleshoot I would setup a syslog sever (documented in the FAQ) and then start to call your external number and once the phones in question have rebooted check the phone logs on the syslog server.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

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