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SoundPoint 7000 Losing configuration

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SoundPoint 7000 Losing configuration

Hello dtmfjeff,

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Firstly I would suggest to use FTP instead of TFTP as this allows you to receive files and the phone can append to the the existing log files on a server. This would also show any overwrite files (web or phone) being uploaded.


Secondly the phones should be running Updater 5.0.8 when they are on UC Software 4.0.9


Try that first and then work with your Polycom SE to get this to the attention of Polycom support.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

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Steffen Baier

Polycom Global ServicesSoundstation 7000's connected to group series 500's via Walta and PoE.  We have about 60 of these in our current deployment.  Recently our Polycom SE advised us that we needed to upgrade our end-points to UC Software BootRom v5.0.1.10553.  The 7000's are now having some odd issues that I cannot seem to nail down.  They randomly lose their configuration and we're forced to format the flash and let it grab its config again.    The phones are registered to CUCM 10.5.2, and receive their configurations from a centralized TFTP server in our datacenter.  Each time this has happened, the Line configuration is wiped out on the phone but remains intact within the XML on the TFTP server.  We also use the DMA/RMX for h323 based calls.  Video calls still work (since its connected via Walta to the G Series).  Rebooting the device and performing a tcpdump shows the phone begins to check the tftp server and look for config files.  But oddly, it never gets to the final boot stage.  We are left with having to format the flash every time.  I  have verfied that there are no errors in the device logs.  This has happened to about 20 out of 60 of my deployed units.  And over the last few days, that number has been increasing steadily..  Has anyone seen this or figured out a way around this issue?


Thanks in advance

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Re: SoundPoint 7000 Losing configuration

Thanks for the info.  I will give it a go this weekend and report back.  Incidentally, is there any method to remotely format the flash?   Some of my deployed units are in very remote areas with no local helpdesk support.



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Re: SoundPoint 7000 Losing configuration

Just an update, I pushed the firmware to a few devices for testing..   Waiting on the results.  FTP is not an accepted method of transmission in my company for security purposes.  We will have to continue to use TFTP.

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