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SoundPoint IP 320 configuration

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SoundPoint IP 320 configuration


I'm trying to configure our SoundPoint IP 320 trought a centralized FTP server.

I've already configured the DHCP option and it has updated the firmware and bootrom.

I can see from the log files it can read, write and append to the FTP server.


I've read a lot of guides made from Polycom and in almost all the guide there is written:


"A default configuration file, 000000000000.cfg, is distributed as part of the SIP

firmware release. This typically lists two configuration files, phone1.cfg and
phone1.cfg contains parameters which are expected to be changed per phone,
such as registration information. sip.cfg contains parameters which will apply
to all phones in an installation such as the preferred voice codec.
These files are part of the SIP firmware release and must be upgraded if the
application is upgraded. For example, using the configuration files that were
distributed with SIP 1.4.0 with a new release such as SIP 1.5.3 would cause
unexpected behavior and problems."


I've downloaded the latest firmware in "split" and "combined" version but the Phone1.cfg and sip.cfg aren't present. I've a folder called "config" with some files inside, but they are missing.

In my file 000000000000.cfg there is:



is this the folder I should use for the config files or I should add the name of the files?


Thank you very much in advance



PS: Is there someone who can post a working configuration. Is easier to understand a working configuration than read some manuals.



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Re: SoundPoint IP 320 configuration

Hello Francesco,


welcome to the Polycom Community.


We encourage all users to read the Welcome Post,  the FAQ and use the Forum Search.


Looking at the FAQ alone or using the Forum search would have brought => this <= post to your attention when looking for answers on sip.cfg and/or phone1.cfg.


In addition mentioning what Software you are using may help other community members to answer your post or provide guidance.


All other questions have been answered in other post or the FAQ and I especially just updated => this <= Post with an example configuration.


Please ensure you check all above sources before posting additional questions.


Best Regards


Steffen Baier


Polycom Global Services

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