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Soundpoint IP 550

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Soundpoint IP 550

1. I have FreePBX install on the HP ProBook 6560b laptop.


2. I have the rj45 cable plug from the HP laptop to the netgear switch.


3. I have the rj45 cable plug from the Dell laptop to the netgear switch.  I type the necessary IP address in the address bar using internet explorer.  I press enter and I see FreePBX System Status.  What do I do next? 

I went to and click: Documents & Downloads tab button, then click Voice, then scroll down and click SoundPoint IP 550.  What do I do next?


4. I have two Polycom SoundPoint IP 550 phones.  Both of them have the rj45 cable plug from the LAN port to the netgear switch.  When I plug in both power adapters to the phones they begin to load I guess the firmware that was already on them when my supervisor purchases them.  As the firmware loads this is what I see on the first phone,


  • Both lights are blinking (red, green, and orange) 
  • Loading the Application
  • Running App=mtm5.sip.Id
  • Welcome Processing Information This may take a few seconds
  • S/N:  (MAC Adress)
  • Rev: 4.0.5. 4233
  • Initializing Network
  • Error Missing files, Config.reverted
  • Error Line: Unregistered
  • Then it loads the Date and time and the word MOMENTUM
  • In the Color Graphic Display area I see  two icons that look like telephones and the number 1101 next to it.(the line speed/Dial key area) Then below I see the word New Call(the left first soft key area)

On the second phone I see a different MAC Address, I see only one error message and that is Error Missing files, Config.reverted, I do not see the word MOMENTUM, and I see number 1001.  Other than that I see the same messages other than what I just stated.


5. I test the first phone and was unable to dial out. When I press a number from the dial key pad it stated URL calling is disabled.


6. I test the second phone and was able to call out to my cell phone.  When I look at my caller id on my cell phone it shows the number 1(561)288-6261.  I thought if I call that number from my cell phone it would call to the phone but it didn’t.  It calls to a business.


7. I press the menu key to find out the version of SIP. It is 4.0.5. 4233. I do not know what to do.  I do not want to download the wrong firmware and make things worse.  How can I get some help?

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Re: Soundpoint IP 550

It sounds to me like you bought used phones, not new ones, and that the ones you got were probably originally for customers of this company:


The phone that you can dial out from and see that 561 phone number on the caller ID was probably at one time owned by the business that you reached when you dialed that number.  It would appear that the phone still has all of its original programming and is still associated with that business's hosted PBX account.  It is able to sign into the hosted PBX server from your network over the internet and make outbound calls.  (It is NOT doing this through your FreePBX install; it isn't even aware of your FreePBX install.)  Calls to that number are being directed to that business's office (I guess they are not using it as a DID for that phone).


I would return the phones to wherever you got them from and purchase some brand-new ones from a reputable Polycom dealer.  Once you have done that, though, you are still going to have to learn how to configure FreePBX both to talk to your telecom provider (whether via SIP trunk, TDM circuits, or whatever) as well as to provision these Polycom phones for you.  Polycom doesn't author or officially support FreePBX, though since SoundPoint phones are SIP standards-compliant, they can be made to work with FreePBX/Asterisk.  It is doubtful you will be able to find any Polycom-written documentation that describes how to go about this, however.  You will need to consult third-party sources for help with this.  In short, you can either log into the phones on an individual basis and configure each of them directly, or install and use the FreePBX EndPoint Manager to control provisioning from FreePBX.  I did a quick Google search for "freepbx polycom" and the top search result is this entry on the FreePBX Wiki:


Good luck,


-- Nathan

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