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Soundpoint IP501 reject button does not work as expected

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Soundpoint IP501 reject button does not work as expected

Hi folks. We are using Soundpoint IP501s for our agent phones in a Genesys SIP environment. Recently we have been reprogramming the phones and upgrading firmware to clear issues the agents have been having. We are now on version


One issue remains and I can't for the life of me figure out how to address it. It's that darn reject button that displays on the screen when a call is delivered to the phoneset. Whenever someone presses that button, it always plays busy tone to the caller. The call never redirects anywhere regardless of the divert settings on the phone.


Ideally I would delete this button forever. There is no reason for an agent ever to press it.


The second best option would be for the reject button to trigger normal no-answer supervision. For a call inbound from a queue, this would result in the call returning to queue. For a personal call, it would forward to voice mail.


Here is divert programming on the phone I am testing with:"7350"













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Re: Soundpoint IP501 reject button does not work as expected

Hello aschiestel,


welcome to the Polycom Community.


The Phone itself is an intelligent Endpoint and therefore has capabilities that are not comparable to a traditional PABX where the Phones are just "dumb" Endpoints.


The latest SIP 3.1.7 Release Notes state a new Parameter called voIpProt.SIP.use486forReject.


voIpProt.SIP.use486forReject="" or "0" (Null should be the default value)
Phone A rejects the call and sends '603 Decline' message.

Phone A rejects the call and sends '486 Busy Here' message.


Basically your Call Platform (Genesys) needs to decide what action it would take if it receives either a 486 or a 603 and not the Phone.


In addition there are multiple post's here in the community forum discussing the removal of softkey's so depending on the possibilities of your Phone in relation with the SIP Software 3.1.7 you may be able to simply remove the Softkey instead.


Best Regards


Steffen Baier


Polycom Global Services

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