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Status > Platform > Configuration - DUPLICATES??

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Status > Platform > Configuration - DUPLICATES??

Hello, greetings


I noticed today that when I access SETTINGS > STATUS > PLATFORM > CONFIGURATION, it states that there is 1 Duplicate entry.  (here is a screenshot)


I looked as best as I could at my config files but could not spot this duplicate.  I am not aware of any tools that can search for duplicate values within a set of XML files either. I tried to enable Debug logging for this device (a VVX500) but when I looked at the logs, I didn't see any mention of the duplicated value.


How can I figure out where the duplication is?

Thank you 


P.S. - my UCS sw ver is and I am running a local provisioning server via FTP with a 000000000000-global.cfg as well as <MACADDRESS>.cfg file for this phone.

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Re: Status > Platform > Configuration - DUPLICATES??

I eventually figured out the duplicate value by hours of trial and error. What a huge pain that was. 


Now that Polycom has been bought by Mitel, I am not optomistic about future support or updates for the "old" lines.  Progress!! <sigh>

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Re: Status > Platform > Configuration - DUPLICATES??

Hello luckman212,

welcome back to the Polycom Community.

The 000000000000-global.cfg is the culprit in this case as shown in the screenshot but looking at this picture worries me as you provide 509 parameters via this file.


I cannot imagine why you would need 509 configuration parameters in order to have the phone working and should maybe look at clearing this up to make it easier to work with.


Often users copy whole templates into their configuration without actually using 99% if these.


Example error messages can be:


000035.670|pps  |4|03|Omitting duplicate attendant.resourceList.2.address=506
000035.670|pps  |4|03|Omitting duplicate attendant.resourceList.3.address=506



0712132633|so   |4|00|Error: soReadCodecPreferences: Duplicate voice codec preference: G711Mu and G7221C.48kbps, pref: 2
0712132633|so   |4|00|Error: soReadCodecPreferences: Duplicate voice codec preference: G711A and Siren14.48kbps, pref: 3

but you did not provide the detail in your post what caused it so its tricky to advise.


In all cases your Polycom reseller should be consulted if you struggle so they can involve Polycom support.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

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