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Time Wrongly Displayed

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Time Wrongly Displayed

I am a new user.  To start I have a 3cx system running on a dedicated computer under Windows 7 Professional, and I started by ordering two Soundpoint 331 phones.  I set up the phones with static IP addresses and opened their web pages to set up the phone parameters.  All works perfectly except that the time displayedon one of the phones is GMT, not my time zone (GMT-10 = Hawaii).  The phone is set to use the SNTP server with a resync period of one hour (3600 s).  The time zone is clearly set to GMT-10:00, but the phone persists in displaying GMT with the time and date blinking.  I have rebooted the phone and restarted as well to no effect.


The other phone is set up identically, but is displaying the correct local time with a steady display.  I have put the web pages for the two phones side by side and carefully checked to assure myself that the two phones are set up identically, except for their extension number, and ID.


The phone which is displaying the correct time is remote to the 3cx server.  The server's ethernet port is connected to the PC port on the phone with the blinking time.  However, when I moved the phone to a remote location it made no difference to the displayed time, although the blinking of the date and time stopped and the display became steady.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Time Wrongly Displayed

Hello richs,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

If the time & date are blinking then the phone is unable to connect to the time server.


Usually a DHPC server provides the time via an answer to the DHCP request of the phone.


If you want to override the DHCP server send value you need to use a device.set parameters.


Searching for SNTP brought up a few post's => here <= and this one => here <= describes this in detail.


If you have any issues configuring this please work with 3CX support or raise a ticket with Polycom support via your Polycom reseller.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

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Re: Time Wrongly Displayed

Thanks for the advice.  In the end, as an expedient, I entered a specific IP address for one of the NIST servers in the phone as the SNTP server, and all worked will.  I am embroiled in trying to upgrade some new phones and will come back to this afterward, to see if I can fix it in a more general way.  Thanks again.

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