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To Reboot or to Poll config


To Reboot or to Poll config

Im currently setting up a clustered load balanced provisoning service for approx 600 devices ( a mix of Trio 8800 and vvx501's) over three sites.


One final peice im mulling over is how to centrally refresh configuration changes and/or per device changes.


Useful links ive found includes using voIpProt.SIP.specialEvent.checkSync 


as well as setting up Polling  for SW updates and config changes.


The first parameter as far as i understand it will when sending a curl command to the device make it reboot. Whereas the polling setting means the phones will pick up the changes and (I'm guessing) reboot where needed.


I would appreciate it if anyone could share how they look after multi site devices with centralised provisioning allowing devices to pick up changes automagically and not require end users to reboot phones themselves but will reboot automatically when needed. Also, some further clarrifcation of the first parameter which seems to have limited explanation of what it does.








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Re: To Reboot or to Poll config

Hi User234,


I can't speak to the configuration items you mentioned but there is a good post on another method that we use here:

Good luck!


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Re: To Reboot or to Poll config

Thanks for the speedy response, this looks really good. Does this feature also allow the phones to pick up configuration that you have changed for devices as opposed to just firmware updates, and if needed, does the deveice reboot?



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Re: To Reboot or to Poll config

You are correct, it will pick up any confuration changes during the polling perioid.  If the change requires the endpoint to reboot it will reboot, if not it will make the change and continue as normal.

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Re: To Reboot or to Poll config

Thank you so much, thats exactly what I wanted to hear.


Many Thanks

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