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Trio firmware 5.9 and h.323

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Trio firmware 5.9 and h.323



I know that the H.323 feature is not officially supported on the Trio but I hope someone can help me here.


I'm trying to use this feature, I have enable H.323 on third line (1st one is SfB, second is a SIP one). I have set a Gatekeeper with auth settings,etc... However, when I make a h323 call with an alias (for example 5000), the call is sended through the Gatekeeper, everything is fine. However, If I make a call using a hostname or an IP (with h323:xxxx), the Trio try to send to call directly to this IP or hostname without passing by the Gatekeeper.


Do you know any settings that can change this behaviour?


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Re: Trio firmware 5.9 and h.323

Another comment, If I call abcd@ip, the call is correctly routed through the GK.


So calling:


alias (ex: 5000) - OK

"email format" (ex: abcd@ - OK

IP (ex: - Not OK

Hostname (ex: test) - Not OK

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Re: Trio firmware 5.9 and h.323

Hi @Ziki,


what are your settings? I just configured settings > H.323 and enabled H.323 protocol and filled in our DMA-IP as the gatekeeper. After that configured Line 4, disabled SIP, enabled H.323, filled in Gatekeeper IP (DMA) and made the settings for identification (Display name=8800, Address=8800 and Label=IP Call). Runs nice and smooth. All types of calls worke fine.

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Re: Trio firmware 5.9 and h.323

Thank you for your answer.


I have the same settings as you.


Have you set any digitmap for your h323 line?


How are you doing to call an IP? You press on "IP Call", tap on the keyboard icon, keyboard appear with "h323:" and you type the IP address?

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Re: Trio firmware 5.9 and h.323

No digitmap and yes, same way you decribed to initiate an IP call.

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