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USB headset adapter to soundpoint ip 550 phone

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USB headset adapter to soundpoint ip 550 phone



We currently have usb headsets in the office that we use for webinars. To reduce clutter, noise, and allow for hands free communication, we'd like to connect them to our soundpoint ip 550 polycom voip phones. However, these require a headset with a phone port connector (rj11 maybe?). Is there a preferred usb to phone port adapter that anyone has used successfully? I'm sure we're not the first to come across this issue, but I'm having no luck searching online and I'd hate to spend money on something that doesn't work.


Also, apologies if there's a better forum for this post to go in. Since it's about the voip phone connections, I've assumed this is the right place for this question.



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Re: USB headset adapter to soundpoint ip 550 phone

Plantronics makes a device called an MDA-200 that allows a USB headset to be connected to a Polycom phone with an RJ-9 dedicated headset jack and a PC. You'll need the MDA-200 and the appropriate EHS cable for the Polycom phone.


I used one for a while with a Soundpoint IP650 and a Voyager Pro UC Bluetooth headset with a USB BT dongle.



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