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VVX 300 - BLF & Speed Dial Extension Ring Issue

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VVX 300 - BLF & Speed Dial Extension Ring Issue



We are using a 3CX phone system server and Polycom VVX 300 & VVX410 IP Phones (They were re-used from the prior PBX system). The phones have been working without issue for months but we are now having an issue when programming speed dial keys. Here is what is happening:


Lets say we are programming the Line Keys/Buttons on extension 104's Polycom VVX300. We want to program the 3rd Line Key to simply dial extension 103 when the button is pressed. We set the 3rd Line Key up as a speed dial and select extension 103. The progamming all goes fine but here is where the issue occurs: if someone calls in from outside the office, they get the auto attendant and if the dial extension 103, it rings extension 103's phone properly, but it also rings extension 104's phone and shows the caller ID on the screen and gives extension 104 the option to answer the call, reject it, forward it, etc...I can understand why extension 104 rings when an outside caller presses extension 103. This was not happening until I programmed the speed dial line key at extension 104. If i remove the speed dial Line Key, everything works properly again, and extension 104 does not ring when an outside caller dials extension 103. 


I have tried changing the Line Key type to BLF instead of speed dial. I have also tried changing the Line Key type to custom and manually entered extension 103. I have tried logging into the phone itself and switching Line Key type to static and automatic and neither resolved the issue. I have also reprovisioned the extension 104 phone through the 3CX Phone Managerment Server Software. I have also put extension 104 and 103 in separate extension groups with no permissions to access other groups or their calls. However, no matter what I do, If i have a speed dial key for extension 103 programmed to a line key on extension 104's phone, extension 104's phone always rings (and screen flashes with caller ID) when an outside caller presses extension 103. 


I am thinking that there might be a way to modify the phones template in order to change the way speed dial Linke Keys are handled. I am not sure. 


Any help would be greatly appreaciated.




Mike Vitorino, COO

OGS Technology 

Branford, CT

203-433-4145 ext 100

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Re: VVX 300 - BLF & Speed Dial Extension Ring Issue

Hello Mike,

welcome to the Polycom Community.



What you are describing sounds like you are adding a Line Key for this extension instead either a speed dial or a BLF / Buddy watch

The community's VoIP FAQ contains this post here:

Aug 06, 2013 Question: How can I use the Buddy Watch feature?

Resolution: Please check => here <=




Nov 4, 2011 Question: How can I setup a Busy Lamp Field / BLF with an Digium Asterisk SIP Server?

Resolution: Please check => here <=


You may want to contact 3CX support for more details.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

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