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VVX 500 Transfer UI

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VVX 500 Transfer UI

I am looking to purchase a few VVX 500's for the office. One thing I can't confirm is how the transfer GUI works. It needs to be as simple as possible.


Most of the information / reviews I have read, is you press teh transfer button then dail the extention you want.


Is there a way where you don't need to remember all the extention numbers and it comes up with the internal directory so you can just press which person it goes to?


I have seen some pictures of what I am looking for




while on this review looks very different, and can't tell the person is on the phone already etc.






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Re: VVX 500 Transfer UI

Looks like I found my own answer  in a manual I have read over many times any how


Timesaver: Instant Call Transfer to Monitored Lines

If you have monitored Lines (BLF Keys) enabled,

while on an active call, swipe the screen to the

right to show the Lines View. Then simply tap

the monitored line to instantly transfer the call

to that line




Strange I havn't seen any videos using that method?

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