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VVX Contact Directory Wildcard Search

Robert Arokiasamy
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VVX Contact Directory Wildcard Search



I am using various VVX phone models and particularly VVX400/410 on 5.3.3. I am using Broadsoft as the VoIP PLatform and I am populating the Contact Directory  in polycom via the platform mac-dir.xml file. 


I have around 300+ entries and when tried to search for the entries, not returning expected result.


For e.g got a name and number as below.#


Name :Standard Associates Company Lawyers  

Number : 0123456789


When you search for the various words, noticed that you get result only when searched for first word full or partial (Standard) in first name field and the last word full or partial (Lawyers) in last name field. i cant search for the words 'Associates' or 'Company'.


So tried combining the words to make something in the format "FirstName LastName"


E.g. Standard_Associates Company_Lawyers


Even with this new entry, I cant search for the words 'Associates' or 'Company' using a wildcard search format the words * 'Associa* or *Compan*


Could you please confirm how is this expected to work and will wildcard search work at all in Contacts Directory





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