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VVX - Getting BLFs to the Sidecar (Color Expansion Module)


Re: VVX - Getting BLFs to the Sidecar (Color Expansion Module)

Hi Steffen,


I had already read over that FAQ.  That will let me create an EFK on a line button (so thank you).


I still don't understand how exactly I would create an EFK to do the different functions that I need - pickup a call that is parked on the slot, transfer an active call to that slot, and show an indicator if there is a call on that slot (presence)


Also - before I get to deep with this, can we go back a step as I'm missing something


AUTOMATA definition from manual -

If automata, the default action is to perform a park/blind transfer of any currently active call. If there is no active call and the monitored user is ringing/busy, an attempt to perform a directed call pickup/park retrieval is made.


In my case it will perform a blind transfer correctly, but will not issue a park retrival.  So perhaps I can use Automata as the BLF type but need to figure out why it will not do a park retrival.  When I have a call in the parking slot I press the button and the phone just takes me to the dial screen.  How do I debug this?



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Re: VVX - Getting BLFs to the Sidecar (Color Expansion Module)

Looking in the Asterisk log I don't see anything when I press the BLF button (in AUTOMATA mode) which there is an active call in the slot.

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Re: VVX - Getting BLFs to the Sidecar (Color Expansion Module)

Hello Clifforg,

certain features on our phones have been developed for dedicated partners and may not work as expected if used with other 3rd party solutions.


Stating the above these features require the phone to subscribe to these in order to receive notify's from a server.


I would suggest to reach out to the Asterisk / Digium community to query what best practise other users utilize in order to use our phones with this open source SIP server.


Anything else goes into support territory which I am unable to provide via the community.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

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Re: VVX - Getting BLFs to the Sidecar (Color Expansion Module)



Thanks - i'll post over there.


Back to the EFK/speed-dial discussion.  There is no way to have a single button that will


a) show the status of a park slot

b) transfer to the park slot

c) pickup from the park slot





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