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VVX201 and VVX150 BLF Key Configuration

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VVX201 and VVX150 BLF Key Configuration

We have been attempting to utilze the 2-line phones for 1 line with the second line key as a BLF for a ring group or user. However, we are unable to get this to function on the two line phones when they are functioning on VVX3##, VVX4##, VVX501, and VVX601.


We've attempted a number of different configuration changes and reviewed documentation to see if this functionality doesn't work for these phones... I'm unable to find anything saying this shouldn't work.


Specifics of the current settings:

Line 1 - registered and functional

Line 2 - nothing displayed; no registry entries assigned to the line.

Attendant Resource List method for BLF (functions on all VVX devices above a 201 - including 250)

attendant.resourceList.1.label="Call Park 1"

 We've attempted utilizing a platform generated resource list (works across other VVX device types without issue); manually assigning keys; flexible line key assignement; etc. None have worked


What field(s) may I be missing or are we wrong that BLF functionaility is available on VVX201 or VVX150 devices?



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Re: VVX201 and VVX150 BLF Key Configuration

I should add that this has issue has existed on all firmware we've used on our system. Currently the VVX201 is on We have included 5.4 and 5.5 firmware versions in our testing

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