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VVX600 and intermittent transfer failures

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VVX600 and intermittent transfer failures



We are experiencing intermittent transfer failures on our VVX600 phones paired to Asterisk sip gateways.


The user reports that the transfer process workflow is followed and the phone looks as if it's going to work until... it doesn't.


Here's the relevant timeframe of the phone's app.log:


0419111200|clist|4|00|dbCallSet::updateCall:m_status=<true> list[1]=<0x1064808>
0419111200|clist|4|00|dbCallSet::updateCall:db = NULL
0419111359|clist|4|00|dbCallSet::updateCall:m_status=<true> list[1]=<0x1064808>
0419111359|clist|4|00|dbCallSet::updateCall:db = NULL
0419111359|so   |4|00|IsDivertFeaturesEnabled - EXIT
0419111359|so   |4|00|IsDivertFeaturesEnabled - EXIT
0419111414|so   |5|00|SoNcasSubEvCallTransfer -> SoNcasSubEvCallHold

And the critical details about the phone's software load:


000014.585|so   |*|00|Platform: Model=VVX 600, Assembly=3111-44600-001 Rev=A Region=0
000014.587|so   |*|00|Platform: Interface    eth0 MAC=0004f2aef0ff
000014.587|so   |*|00|Platform: BootBlock= (44600-001) 13-Sep-12 09:09
000014.588|so   |*|00|Platform: BootL1= (44600-001) 13-Sep-12 10:01
000014.592|so   |*|00|Platform: Updater= 05-Feb-13 17:31
000014.592|so   |*|00|Application, main: Label=SIP, Version=PrairieDog 05-Feb-13 17:19
000014.592|so   |*|00|Application, main: P/N=3150-11530-413



Has anyone run into similar issues? 

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Polycom Employee & Community Manager

Re: VVX600 and intermittent transfer failures

Hello se-petergrace,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

The above is not sufficient enough to troubleshoot this.


I would suggest you run a wireshark trace on a mirrored / spanned port on the phone and replicate the issue.


Once you have gathered this data contact your Polycom reseller and in addition supply your configuration and complete sets of logs so they can raise a ticket with Polycom support.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

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