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Why doesn't my external ringtone work?

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Why doesn't my external ringtone work?

I'm using a SoundPoint 320.

I followed the instructions for creating a custom (external) ring tone by using a config file like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<!-- PlcmConversionCreatedFile version=1.2 converted=Wed Oct 26 12:58:23 2011 -->
<polycomConfig xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="polycomConfig.xsd">
  <saf saf.2="LoudRing.wav" saf.3="PhoneBell.wav" />
        <se.pat.ringer.ringer15"Loud Ring">
          <se.pat.ringer.ringer15.inst se.pat.ringer.ringer15.inst.1.value="2" />
        <se.pat.ringer.ringer16"Phone Bell">
          <se.pat.ringer.ringer16.inst se.pat.ringer.ringer16.inst.1.value="3" />

 The file LoudRing.wav is the one that came with the Polycom software.  The file PhoneBell.wav is one I created from a sound clip on the Internet.


The logs on my ftp server show that all files (the config file and both WAV files) were downloaded to the phone.  The log file shows that the config file was used.


When I go to Menu, Settings, Basic, Ring Type, Line 1, I can scroll down and see that 15 is "Loud Ring" and 16 is "Phone Bell", but when I play them, I get the default sound.

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Re: Why doesn't my external ringtone work?

Hello Steve,


I would just guess the file is to big.


Check your Phone logs.


Best Regards


Steffen Baier

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Re: Why doesn't my external ringtone work?

That could be it.  Upon closer examination, the FTP logs show that the WAV files were only partially transferred.  Only 89060 of 127966 for LoudRing.wav, and 91980 of 265522 for PhoneBell.wav.


According to this KB article, there is a limitation of 300k per ring tone.  And according to this one, the LoudRing.wav file is included in the SIP 3.2.0 release, to be used as a custom ring.


So what is the limit on the size of a ringtone file?


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Re: Why doesn't my external ringtone work?

I found the solution was to convert the WAV file from PCM 16-bit 16000Hz, as it had been shipped, to G.711 8000Hz.  Then it worked.

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