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Zero Touch deployment 331 and 560

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Zero Touch deployment 331 and 560

Are there any instructions on how to setup The zero touch deployment of The soundpoint 331 and The 560?  I have a TFTP server setup and option 66 set on my dhcp server.  The Cisco spa models are getting their configs without me laying a single finger on them but The polycom I am having to set The protocol to TFTP, enter The server IP, and set The dhcp option to 66 before it will grab The config.


Any help is greatly appreciated.





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Re: Zero Touch deployment 331 and 560

you have to set option 160 on your dhcp server.

then you will have almost zero touch deployment.


As i Know Polycom doesn't support Zero Tuch Provisiong based on sip mulitcasting, yet. let's jope yet :-)


if you need details how to configure option 160 let me know


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Re: Zero Touch deployment 331 and 560

fo linux you have to set in dhcpd.conf

on the begiining before you define scope


option option-160 code 160 = string;


and then in the scope options:


    option option-160           "tftp://";


in Windows server

first define custom option in server options. Right mouse click on DHCP server --> set predefined options --> add

enter code as 160, and data type as string.


then you are able to add option 160 into scope. scope --> configure options. Value should be like tftp://



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