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asterisk based call forward notification

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asterisk based call forward notification

I'm just wondering is there a way to show on polycom's dispaly inforamtion that calls are forwarded to another extension.


i switched off local call forawarding there is only server based call forawrding.


server is asterisk. 1.4.37


the best solution would be

dial *21*number [DIAL ].


and then on the screen i will see sth like "CF active to 4333" for example.



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Re: asterisk based call forward notification

Short answer: no


Long answer: There is server based call forwarding that might be able to be made to work with Asterisk, but it would have to wait until at least UC 4.0.0 firmware to be released as the options are not properly documented and do not appear to work in UC 3.3.1. Then even if it is possible, it will still take some significant tweaking.


The only thing you could do in the meantime is rig up something with the microbrowser idle screen and a webpage that identifies the requesting phone, queries asterisk for the forwarding status, and displays the information. The approach is convoluted but has the best chance of actually working.

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Re: asterisk based call forward notification

i was thinking something simmilar but i'm not too good at microbrowser programming. maybe you have some hints for the beginner.

best Maciej


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