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how to adjust microphone on IP5000

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how to adjust microphone on IP5000

Good evening.

I have just bought Polycom IP5000. Updated to the latest version.


UC Software Version

BootROM Software Version


I have an issue with microphone. When I start diagnotic tool and check microphone I can hear myself loud and clear. If I make a call, the other side hears me very quite with some echo on background. Is there a way to increase microphone sensitivity and reduce echo? 

I found that there is a setting voice.gain.tx.analog.handset="12" which can be applied in cfg file. Also parameters voice.aes.hs.enable and voice.gain.tx.analog.handset can be added, but I'm not sure, will these parameters be operational on my system (and what value for each parameters to be applied). Please assist.




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