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polycom 501 resetting/rebooting

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polycom 501 resetting/rebooting

I am supporting an office that has Polycom 501 phones installed.  All have been in use for approx 4-5 years.  Asterisk is the PBX. After a recent upgrade of asterisk the phones started rebooting at random.  This affects some phones more than others.  One of the phones reboots/resets almost every hour of the day.  Every phone that reboots seems to reboot at about the same minute of the hour but not all the phones reboot on the same minute.  The asterisk version it 1.4.35.  The phones have been upgraded to the latest sip.ld.  When the phones reboot/reset by themselves they don't update the app.log or boot.log files for the phone.  When the phones reboot they don't unregister from asterisk either.  This is affecting all the phones some simply more times in a day than the others.  I have tried a file format, restarted asterisk, and just about every other option I can think of. 



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Re: polycom 501 resetting/rebooting

Hello Chuck,


welcome to the Polycom Community.


You mention that this only happens since upgrading the Asterisk Version. Have you contacted Digium yet about this?


Please always ensure you mention the Software Version as in the future the reference you made to the latest will no longer be applicable if anyone uses the search.


You should utilize the syslog as mentioned in the FAQ in order to attempt to capture the issue and possible span a port to get a wireshark trace.


It could be something simple as a Check-Sync being send by Asterisk and you should be able to capture this fairly simple as you explained that this happens at around the same time every day.


As the Units are well out of warranty and your reseller will no longer be the contact person for support you can contact Polycom Support and raise a ticket via PPI (Pay per incident) in order to work with you.


Best Regards


Steffen Baier


Polycom Global Services


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Re: polycom 501 resetting/rebooting

I am having the same issue at 2 different locations. One site is running a very old version of asterisk 1.2 and the other site is running Asterisk 1.8. I am not running the latest Polycom firmware at either location. I do not have the version info handy right now.


Did you ever find a solution.

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Re: polycom 501 resetting/rebooting

Hello, I Have the same problem with models Ip550, IP501, Ip331, IP330 with Interactive Intelligence Software and we change the phones for warranty, but the problem persist.




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