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simple script asterisk

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simple script asterisk

I'm very basic (rather green like cucumber) microbrowser.


i need to write simple scirpt which checks if the system is in day or night mode and show it on dispaly.


inforation about mode is stored in asterisk db.


i know how to get this info or by cli or by manager


but how to prepare info in some php or xml scrpit which will be well understand by polycom.




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Re: simple script asterisk

Your question is a bit beyond the scope of this support forum -- there is nothing ready-made which does that. You can use any webserver and server-side page generating technology you want to deliver a page to the microbrowser or idle browser on the phone. The contents of the page have to be well formed XHTML. For information on what the microbrowser supports please see the SoundPoint IP, SoundStation IP and Polycom VVX Web Application Developer's Guide if you are running the UC software. If you are running older software there are versions of the Web Application Developer's Guide that explain the features supported in the older releases of the firmware as well.

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