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trixbox 2.8.4 with bootrom 4.3.1 and SIP 3.3.2

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trixbox 2.8.4 with bootrom 4.3.1 and SIP 3.3.2

Hello, we are installing our new IP phone systems using trixbox. Everything works great out of the box, but we would like to upgrade to the latest Polycom firmware. Our phones are IP331, IP335, and IP650.


The phones report the line status as not registered. Menu->Status->Lines-Line1:JohnDoe (Not Registered)

The phones do not show up in the FOP menu as bing online and cannot call other extensions. We believe the config files are set correctly. One thing we noticed is that we must specify an SNTP server or the time defaults and flashes.

I read a post from a couple of years? ago that if you upgrade the firmware higher than 3.0x you loose sntp, conferencing, call line rollover, etc. about 7 key features. It mentions these were set in the original trixbox SIP.CFG file, but are not part of the default firmware downloads.


Is there anything that explains what we need to put back into the config files to get things working with this new firmware?


What would cause the phones not to register? Here's a samle reg.cfg file:


tftpboot]# cat 0004f233bea1.cfg
<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
<!-- Default Master SIP Configuration File-->
<!-- For information on configuring Polycom VoIP phones please refer to the -->
<!-- Configuration File Management white paper available from: -->
<!-- -->
<!-- $RCSfile: 000000000000.cfg,v $  $Revision: $ -->
<APPLICATION APP_FILE_PATH="sip.ld" CONFIG_FILES="0004f233bea1reg.cfg, reg-basic.cfg, site.cfg, sip-basic.cfg " MISC_FILES="" LOG_FILE_DIRECTORY="/polycom/logs/" OVERRIDES_DIRECTORY="/polycom/overrides/" CONTACTS_DIRECTORY="/polycom/contacts/" LICENSE_DIRECTORY="">




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<!-- Generated reg-basic.cfg Configuration File -->
<polycomConfig xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="polycomConfig.xsd">
  <call call.callsPerLineKey="24">

        reg.1.displayName="John Doe"





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Re: trixbox 2.8.4 with bootrom 4.3.1 and SIP 3.3.2

OK, I can get the phones to register if I enter the server IP address in the line key server section on the phone. I then looked at original config files and found previous versions set this in server.cfg and sip.cfg, so I will copy those settings to the new system.


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Re: trixbox 2.8.4 with bootrom 4.3.1 and SIP 3.3.2

copying the old server.cfg file and including it in CONFIG_FILES solved the time problem too.

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Re: trixbox 2.8.4 with bootrom 4.3.1 and SIP 3.3.2

Just letting you know we got everything up and running with the new firmware :)

Too bad someone hasn't written a convert script\program. Now that it is working, it would have saved a ton of time, but the 25 hours of reading and experimenting was a great learning experience.





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Re: trixbox 2.8.4 with bootrom 4.3.1 and SIP 3.3.2

Hello johmj_01201,


welcome to the Polycom Community.


I am unsure if you sued the search Function in the Forum but there is a tool called cfcUtility that converts pre UCS 3.3.0 Phone Configurations into UCS 3.3.0.


It is advertised when downloading UCS 3.3.0 Software and there is a Knowledge Base Entry highlighting its existence.


Best Regards


Steffen Baier


Polycom Global Services

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