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Introducing EMEA's Polycom Pulse

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Introducing EMEA's Polycom Pulse

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Introducing the Polycom Pulse – an RSS feed that aims to provide up-to-the-minute news and alerts to the partner community. The “Pulse” provides partners with the option to receive information specific to their preferences, in a simple to use interface.


What is the Polycom Pulse?
As part of our constant effort to improve the communication with our partner community, we’ve designed a desktop widget to push Polycom news and content updates in real-time. This enables our partners with an additional option around how to keep updated, with the added benefit of instant access to information.

What does it do?
The Pulse delivers timely information on the latest Polycom product and solution launches, industry news, training tools and events, PR releases, sales tools and competitive insights via a secure interface.

How do I get it?
The application can be downloaded from within the Partner Resource Centre (PRC). The tool allows customised views based on areas of interest and job role. The Pulse can be launched and accessed at any time through the desktop icon, or minimised to allow visibility to the constant newsfeed while you work.

New content from Polycom will be pushed when available. The Pulse’s desktop icon will indicate the number of new feeds when the user comes on-line.  Partners can view content digests, and link through to the PRC for more information on the story and access to support materials.


Available now on the  PRC for EMEA !

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Re: Introducing Polycom Pulse

This sounds like a fantastic tool!

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Re: Introducing Polycom Pulse

Seems like a fabulous tool.


Can you give me more details on how to find it?   The link drops me off at the home page of PRC, and it's not obvious.  Also searching on PRC isn't helping either.



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Re: Introducing Polycom Pulse

Hi Erik,

It's actually only available in EMEA at the moment so it will show up on the home page to the PRC if you have an EMEA login.

Watch this space for versions in other theaters.



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