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Introducing the new "Polycom EagleEye Director"

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Introducing the new "Polycom EagleEye Director"

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See how the Polycom EagleEye Director provides a groundbreaking experience by enabling close-up views of every speaker in a video conference, regardless of their location or the number of people in the room.


With automatic framing that zooms on in the speaker, EagleEye Director enables better communication and more productive meetings, with no remote control or user intervention required.  By combining Polycom's innovative patent-pending voice triangulation and face finding technologies,EagleEye Director also resolves the common inability to see critical facial expressions or determine exactly who’s speaking.


What's your opinion of the EagleEye Director?

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Polycom Employee

Re: Introducing the new "Polycom EagleEye Director"

Worked really well in a conference we were in the other day. The only issue was the person on the far end was sitting alone in a single room. When the camera zoomed out again, it wasn't to a full room of people, but to a room of empty seats and small figure at the end of a table. It would have been great, in that case, if it could have just kept zoomed in.

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Re: Introducing the new "Polycom EagleEye Director"

Very impressive product. Live demo presented at recent Customer Council meetings...they loved it!

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