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Polycom’s Announcement about Its Strategic Partnership with Jive

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Polycom’s Announcement about Its Strategic Partnership with Jive

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Today Polycom and Jive announced strategic relationship to bring HD video collaboration to social business. Here is what Polycom’s chief development officer, Sudhakar Ramakrishna, says about this partnership.

“Integrating social business with real-time video is the next logical step in significantly improving how enterprise users communicate, collaborate, and become more productive. Together, Polycom and Jive will deliver a real-time HD video solution powered by the Polycom RealPresence Platform for social business that is incredibly easy to use and fulfills the growing demand for real-time workplace collaboration."

Working with such an influential Social Business partner will increase Polycom’s competitive edge in the world of social media and social networking. While Polycom is currently only known in B2B space, this move will increase our visibility in the consumer market and change how we create competitive advantage as an enterprise.

Read the full press release at:

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