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TEAM Polycom is ON at Vancouver!

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TEAM Polycom is ON at Vancouver!

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Polycom partners, if you are already at the TEAM Polycom event, I am sure you are having tons of fun now!  


If you could not make it to the event, please follow our latest updates on Polycom Facebook page.


Check out these pictures below.  My Polycom work buddy, Elaine Shuck, Director of Education Solutions, is at the TEAM Polycom event. Did she just clone herself? THAT'S the power of Defy Distance!  


Second and third pictures here is Alphonzo Albright, our Global Director, Government Solutions and our Industry Solutions Team.  Polycom has solutions for different industries, business functions, UC Environments, etc. If you are on the EXPO floor, be sure to visit Elaine, Alphonzo and many of our Polycom business function and industry experts.  We have really cool things to share with you.


What else can you do at TEAM Polycom?  Come attend the many breakout sessions and a chance to be up close and personal with our presenters.  A few breakout sessions highlighted in pictures below...


  • Broaden Your Prospect Pool to Include Business Function Decision-Makers and Win More.  Presenters: Marc Alexis Remond, Senior Director of Global Industry Solutions & Market Development; Nick Hawkins, Senior Director, Advanced Technology; and Andrew Graley, Director, Healthcare, Government and  Education.

  • Grow Your Revenue in Verticals through Differentiation.  Presenter: John Paul Williams, Director, Enterprise Solutions


So come and explore!  TEAM Polycom - Turn It On!









breakout session-marc and nick.JPG


breakout session-andrew-graley.JPG


breakout session-jp.JPG

Polycom - Unleash the Power of Human Collaboration
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Re: TEAM Polycom is ON at Vancouver!

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Folks, for more news about TEAM Polycom 2014, please read our new Channel Insight Blogs from Mike Conlon, Polycom's VP of Worldwide Channels.

Polycom - Unleash the Power of Human Collaboration
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