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No tone on Auto Answer


Re: No tone on Auto Answer



Okay, I have solved this issue.


First, I have confirmed that EndPoint Manager (EPM) under FreePBX *does* continue to use the old file name conventions even though they are using 3.3+ Polycom firmware.  No real issue there, as long as you are aware of it.


The XML sequence that I needed was this:


    <se.rt.ringAutoAnswer se.rt.ringAutoAnswer.callWait="callWaiting""Ring Answer" 

      se.rt.ringAutoAnswer.ringer="ringer1" se.rt.ringAutoAnswer.timeout="500" se.rt.ringAutoAnswer.type="ring-answer">



The "ringer1" got rid of the phone ringing before going off-hook.  There is a little beep on the phone when it goes off-hook, which is perfect.  The timeout=500 gets the phone off-hook in 1/2 second instead of the 2 full second default.


It appears that all other <se /> settings were unaffected by the single table entry change that I made.




Bryan Hunt

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