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Ringer Speed

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Ringer Speed

Hello all.


I'm currently working with a few Polycom phones connected to an Asterisk 13.23.1 server.  The Polycoms are


VVX 601

VVX 500

IP 501


The ringer speed problem is happening on the VVX series phones, Software version is: on the VVX phones


I'm using FTP for provisioning and the sip.cfg saf.x="" xml option to load wav files that I found on the Asterisk wiki many years ago.  In this case, merlin2.wav


The format of said audio file is, according to Audacity:


mono, 8000hz, 32bit float


The problem is, when a call comes into the phone, the initial ring is fine, but subsequent rings, the audio file is sped up.  Maybe a 1 second pause between playing the audio file. 


On the Polycom IP 501, playing the same audio file, there is around a 3 second pause.  Thinking that I could lengthen the merlin2.wav file, I tacked on a few seconds additional silence at the end.

When testing, the first play of the audio, with the extra pading, is a bit longer, but subsequent plays are right back to the super fast playback.


Is there an XML entry in the configuration that controls the timing between rings or is my wav file broken?




Doug Lytle

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Re: Ringer Speed

Hello @lti_support,


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It would have been helpful to attach some of the configuration you mention as the volunteers could look at it.


Also a link or simply attach the mentioned Wav file could be of interest.


Oct 25, 2011 Question: How can I change my Ringtone or Ring in a special manner for a certain incoming call?

Resolution: Please check => here <=


The software you quoted is no longer supported. UC Software 5.9.1 or 5.9.0 is a presently supported sotware.

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Re: Ringer Speed

Moving to did not resolve the issue.


But, locating several VVX based ringtones that other have generated, show that the wave form for those ringtones also included a silence the same length of the audio.


So, I used Audacity to include such a silence length to the merlin2.wav file and all seems to be good.




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