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VVX 310 Recording Calls

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VVX 310 Recording Calls

Can you record a phone call on a VVX 310 Polycom phone?

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Re: VVX 310 Recording Calls

Hi Hannah,

unfortunately not. Have a look at the FAQs:


IP 650 and 670 and the Polycom VVX 1500,VVX 500, VVX501 ,VVX600, VVX601, VVX401 ,VVX411 and the RealPresence 8800 phones can be configured to allow recording of audio calls on a supported USB device.

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Re: VVX 310 Recording Calls

This might be a service from your VOIP provider though.  Our Polycom VVX 301 phones can not record calls, but with a * code, we can turn it on per call with our provider.

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