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Parking calls / Picking up


Parking calls / Picking up

I was tasked with creating a call parking system in jive for my company but it has lead to nothing. I was just wondering what/if there is a call parking feature built into the phones we are using? we are using the Polycom VVX 411. Any help will be beneficial!

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Re: Parking calls / Picking up

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Re: Parking calls / Picking up

sorry about that. we are using version and SIP server.

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Re: Parking calls / Picking up

I tried doing these steps, but I only get "not a valid extension" as soon as i type the *68#...


Call Park To put a call on hold at one phone and continue the conversation from another phone, press the Hold Key then press New Call Press *68# and follow the prompts. Dial the desired extension number followed by the (#) Key. To park the call press the (#) Key. When you reach the destination of the phone where the call was parked, press *88# and follow the prompts. Enter the extention of the call destination and Press Dial

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Re: Parking calls / Picking up

i was able to figure it out. the star command i needed to use was *37. now i just need to find a way to register the park feature (warm transfer to *37 and letting it give me the spot number) to a hotkey.

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Re: Parking calls / Picking up

I have to use this same process for parking and unparking calls. I am on a couple dozen vvx 601s and am trying to get an automated process for Unparking from main screen from 102 (
which is our park orbit), and one button parking on 102 from active call screen.


So far I have tried every bundle of strings I have seen but I cannot get anything besides a park button that does nothing, and an unpark/retrieve button that only picks up if the call originiated as incoming.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Parking calls / Picking up

Poly has released UC software since the last post, which allows for using BLF to deliver a call park string. Alternately, you can put in syntax to create a softkey which will dial the desired string to initiate the park. I am not familiar with Jive's process, but this works flawlessly with Broadworks.



<softkey softkey.1.enable="1""1" softkey.1.label="Park" softkey.1.action="*37$Tinvite$" softkey.1.precede="1" />


If you wish to have the phone enter a hardcoded extension for the parking destination, edit the action string to something like this: "*37$Tinvite$$Cwaitconnect$101#", which will dial the FAC for park (replace as needed; ours is *86), send the call out via consultative transfer (Invite vs Refer for Blind), and upon connection of the call, dial 101 and #.  You could also replce the Cwaitconnect command with Cpause1, Cpause2, etc, to allow for a time-based wait rather than an event-based one.  Hope this helps!!


Btw, bump the FW up to 5.9.x and use the BLF. One button Park/Retrieve. Woot!


The following example enables the new BLF Attendant action options, sets the default short-press to Park (Blind Xfer and original call initiation are still available via long-press). All that's needed to park a call is to press the desired destination's BLF key:

<attendant attendant.callAction="Park" attendant.callActionMenu.enabled="1" /><call call.parkedCallString="*86" />

You can pretty that up in your configs as you see fit.. The syntax about the ActionMenu adds a menu item in Settings > Basic to allow a user to determine default BLF action via the phone's interface. Enable or disable according to your preferences.



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